Possibility to add custom variables

  • Setup: Arduino Dallas temperature sensor, in combination with Vera Serial Gateway.
    I'm trying to compare LastTemperature value to CurrentTemperature so I can start the bathroomfan, when temperature rises. Doing so using Vera's 'temperature goes above/below' is too slow. The hot water pipe cools down too slowly.

    Problem is, there is only 1 variable sent (CurrentTemperature). I can add custom variables to a temperature device in Vera, but can they be updated by my sketch / Vera Arduino nodes? If so how?

  • I have a workaround installed now. It's not pretty though. :grin:
    Created a second temperature sensor in my sketch and did the mathmetics there also. In Vera I monitor this device for +2 or -2.

          // Custom
          Serial.println("Temperatures compared: ");

  • Contest Winner

    @Knuppel great and creative solution.

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