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    This thread contains comments for the article "Vera Controller" posted on MySensors.org.

  • Hi there it might help to mention that Vera uses port 3480 for the API comms. I spent a while troubleshooting my first ethernet set up because I blindly (my fault) the port config 5003. I don't think port 5003 is used at all by vera but as a noob I fell right into the trap. I still don't have the ethernet gateway working correctly but I'm getting closer. I can't get the "include" function to work from the vera software. Tomorrow I will add a button and put into inclusion mode that way and see if it behaves as expected.

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    @scottdube I'm not quite sure what you are saying here but using the port 5003 on an MySensors Ethernet GW should not be a problem.

    I have the latest firmware on both my VeraLite and my VeraPlus and use 3 MySensors Ethernet GW on port 5003.


    Did you enable the inclusion mode?

    // Enable inclusion mode

  • @korttoma thanks for the reply, All I know is that using port 5003 I got !ETH Fail errors. I did a google search for what port Vera uses and everything I found said 80, and 3480 for API. I changed it to 3480 and no longer have the ETH Fail errors.

    Yes inclusion mode is enabled, I believe b default but I confirmed and it is uncommented.

    Thank you!

  • So how do you connect serial gateway if you use an ESP8266 build?

  • @mntlvr Are you asking how to connect a serial gateway if you have an ESP8266 gatway already running?

  • No I have 2 different controllers and I wish to use serial on one and WIFI on the second

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    @mntlvr so you mean to connect 2 controllers to 1 gateway? I do not think you can run both serial and wifi/ethernet gateway on the same device at the same time. You can however connect more then one controller to an wifi/ethernet gateway if you define:

    #define MY_GATEWAY_MAX_CLIENTS	2	//Max number of parallel clients (sever mode).

  • @mntlvr Out of curiosity, why are you running two controllers?

  • I run part of my home automation on One and another part of Home automation on another. I have had 1 controller fail before and then had no home automation. It is kind of like redundancy.
    Is there any help you can give me on my Ethernet gw using ESp8266-E v3 as to why it will not go into "inclusion" mode
    I have posted all the info in another forum "Advanced Gateway Options" because that is what I was told to do. Can not have the same information in two place at the same time
    Thanks for the advice on my Serial gw , have ordered the proper FTDI solution.

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    @mntlvr There has been some issues with Ethernet type Gateways if the Arduino AVR Boards version is later than 1.6.11. I'm not sure if this affects the ESP8266 but it is worth giving it a try.
    Please try the Arduino AVR Boards version 1.6.11.

  • Okay I have nothing to lose at this point.

  • Hi, I 'm new in Mysensor and i would like to add a sensor directly to my gateway (wemos D1 R2)
    My gateway is conected in IP it's OK but i can't add sensor connect directly to a pin of wemos.
    Someone know the process to vera to add it?

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