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  • Hi there it might help to mention that Vera uses port 3480 for the API comms. I spent a while troubleshooting my first ethernet set up because I blindly (my fault) the port config 5003. I don't think port 5003 is used at all by vera but as a noob I fell right into the trap. I still don't have the ethernet gateway working correctly but I'm getting closer. I can't get the "include" function to work from the vera software. Tomorrow I will add a button and put into inclusion mode that way and see if it behaves as expected.

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    @scottdube I'm not quite sure what you are saying here but using the port 5003 on an MySensors Ethernet GW should not be a problem.

    I have the latest firmware on both my VeraLite and my VeraPlus and use 3 MySensors Ethernet GW on port 5003.


    Did you enable the inclusion mode?

    // Enable inclusion mode

  • @korttoma thanks for the reply, All I know is that using port 5003 I got !ETH Fail errors. I did a google search for what port Vera uses and everything I found said 80, and 3480 for API. I changed it to 3480 and no longer have the ETH Fail errors.

    Yes inclusion mode is enabled, I believe b default but I confirmed and it is uncommented.

    Thank you!

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