nRF24L01 3D Printed cover

  • I have been enjoying the forum and website a lot, and I think with lots of modification, this project will work quite well for my future project. I have to say thank you to all those that helped incorporate signing into the messages, thats a critical feature and one that drove me to this solution.

    My projects will all involve long distance communications (through forests almost) so range is important (and unfortunately, repeating nodes). So shielding the RF module was a concern I had.

    I have just published a quick 3d model for an nRF24L01 module cover with some information on how it is used and built on Thingiverse. Rather than take space here I'll just include the link..
    nRF24L01 Cover

    I hope this helps some of you.. I thought by using a standard cover I could ensure good shielding, made it look good, and make it easier to ensure its completely covered. I have also made all my models use a license that allows you to print/order them online, although I am completely happy to let MySensors sell them of course if they find it valuable - and honestly they are so small and quick, you might be able to find lots of people that could print out a ton of them in one run for next to nothing..

    One note - I did not state this on Thingiverse... just on this forum: Yes, I considered printing with metal bearing or conductive filament for additional shielding, but - using a non conductive plastic and covering it with foil makes more sense to me in terms of total cost and ease of creation. Plus there are no issues with shorting pins on the board.

    Enjoy - thanks for everyone's contributions, hope this helps out some of ya'll.

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