Please help with rspro itx 3d printer

  • Hi,

    First time 3D Printer user and I just purchased the RSPRO itx printer but not via thier site. I am having trouble printing and its appearing to be the settings. The bed isnt close enough to the nozzle even though it starts off that way and therefore nothing is being printed. That is now the problem so if anyone can PLEASE help me with this. Ive been playing around with this printer trying to get it working for over 3 weeks now and as much as I want to throw it out the window, it cost AUS$1200.00 so Im sort of stuck with it for now.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I have tried contacting RSPRO with no luck as they want account details etc which I dont have not being the original purchaser. The last owner hardly used it due to not being able to figure it out. So perhaps a challenge out there for all of you 3D printing experts to help a useless and nearly brain deal Aussie print on her 3D printer.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @malachite666 said in Please help with rspro itx 3d printer:

    RSPRO itx printer
    It looks like it's a private label name, and the manufacturer is Kora3d, you need to talk to those people and if you can't get any further support, don't waste any more money on this and buy yourself an Iprusa and get support from all the people that owns such a device

  • To fix, first clean the nozzle to look like new from the outside. Next heat up the nozzle to temp and apply pressure to the filament with your fingers, usually this will push through a clog. If you cannot manually push filament through, consider replacing the nozzle or entire hotend.

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