FIXED - Installation of the in ARDUINO IDE

  • Hello ,

    Sorry to ask probably a dumb question but I have install the 2.0 stable library as per the recommendation and now I would like to use the devolpment branch.
    I could not find the answer on this site.

    So then i have installed the MySensors-development ZIP in the Arduino IDE using the menu"Add the" . it succeeded as it says "A library named MySensors-development already exist" if install it again.

    My questions are :

    • should i delete the 2.0 library and how if yes ?
    • How to see the development library in the IDE in order to use it in sketch creation.

    My project is to have sensors connected to the UNO serial GW which is configures ok in the Vera controler ( MySensors plugin )

    Thank you in advance

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    Welcome to the MySensors community @gerardosamara , Great to have you here.

    Yes, you need to remove the currently installed version of the library. I found an instruction on how to remove a library:

    When you have installed the library the examples become visible in the Examples menu in the Arduino IDE.

    Why do you want to use the development version?

  • Thank you very much @mfalkvidd for you reply

    It worked , now the library 2.0.1 Beta is visible with the examples in the Arduino IDE.

    To support the feature "serial gateway with sensors" , it was recommended in this post to use the development branch

    My plan is to start with sensors hooked up to the serial GW like temperature as i do not have radio for the moment, and there is anyway a room for some types of sensors in the serial gateway .

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    @gerardosamara great work, thanks for reporting on your success :)

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