Node stuck at finding parent/gateway

  • Hi,
    I recently updated to mysensors 2.0 library and found a strange behavior that didn't happen in 1.5. I a have a gas detector node with a buzzer attached so when gas is detected it buzzes but also sends a message to the controller.
    In previous versions of Mysensors libraries whether the node could communicate with the controller or not the buzzer activating logic would still execute. In the 2.0 version although node ID is static and parenting is also static, it seems the node keeps trying to connect to the gateway and gets stuck there. I don't know if it's searching for gateway or parent, thou in my case they are the same, but it keeps the rest of the node logic from executing.
    Is this normal behavior?
    How can I override this?

  • I'm also facing this issue. I need the main loop code to run even if mysensors initialization fails. any news on this topic? Thank you!

  • @executivul. I've fond a solution in another thread that is implemented in the DEV branch. It is posted in another thread. I am sorry I don't have a link right now but I will post it later today. It's not really an optimal solution but a temporary fix until someone works something out. I'll get back to you with the link.