Max. number of modules without repeaters (NRF24)?

  • According to the NRF24L01+-datasheet, the device has a "6 data pipe MultiCeiver[TM]". It is not entirely clear to me what this means for a MySensors-network running on NRFs. I get the feeling that I can only add 6 modules to a gateway if I don't use any repeaters (since the gateway-NRF can only simultaneously connect to 6 other NRFs). Is this correct, and is adding repeaters the only way to increase my network size, or am I mistaken?

    Thanks ia for your response!

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    @darkhorse Don't worry.. the number of nrf24 pipes has nothing to do with the number of modules. These all use the same channel. You are limted only by the max number of nodes 256 -2 = 254 (0 and 255 are reserved)

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