WDT doesn't work well

  • Hello,

    I'm testing the library 2.0 with WDT enabled.

    In before() I add "wdt_enable(wdto_8seg)" and I comment from the _proces() the line "hwWatchdogReset();" to force the wdt reset after 8seg

    After wdt reset, the system crash and it is not restore. If I do a manual reset, neither it is restore. I need to remove the power supply to restore the system.

    Need I use a especial bootloader to use wdt with mysensor? I'm using the default bootloader flashed in the arduino pro mini v3

  • I'm going to answer me.

    The problem was the bootloader, I have flashed the MYSbootloader and the WDT is working well.

    Anybody know a bootloader compatible with MYS but it run quickly? because MYSbootloader spends 10seconds to start

  • I answer me again, I try the optiboot bootloader and it work well with mysensor library and WDT enable.

    I hope that the solution is useful for more people

    PD: The optiboot bootloader can be downloaded from here: https://github.com/Optiboot/optiboot/tree/master/optiboot

  • Admin

    @logger02 Indeed, this is a known issue with the stock AVR bootloader - Optiboot or MYSBootlader (depending on the use case) is suggested.

  • Thank you to confirm it

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