Monitoring battery charging

  • Hey guys, just starting out here!

    I've set a RPi up with Home Assistant, and have a MightyHat I'm using as a serial gateway plugged in to the RPi. The MightyHat has a back up battery (a UPS if you will) I want to read the battery voltage and report that back as well as if its charging or not!

    For the battery voltage should I use V_VOLTAGE under the Multimeter, or use sendBatteryLevel()? What would be the best way to report if its charging or not?

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    @phill21 sendBatteryLevel is meant for reporting the battery level of the node itself (for a battery powered node). Controllers treat this differently from V_VOLTAGE. For example, there is no way to get a graph of the batteryLevel in Domoticz, but V_VOLTAGE will give a graph.

    For charging or not you can use a binary switch/light (on means charging, off not charging) or send the amount of current or power (V_CURRENT or V_WATT)

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    @phill21 Have a look at this project i did a while back. you may get some inspiration from there 🙂

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