GPS not recognized

  • Hello,

    I'm afraid that the GPS is not recognized in domoticZ. I use the sketch of this site for the GPS , and the transmission is all right for GPS data to serial gateway (i can see the latitude longitude... ) and there is no strange message on arduino monitor...
    yet domoticz does not recognized my NEO-6M GPS (exactly the same as in your build page) , i get this message in the logs :

    Error: MySensors: Unknown/Invalid sensor type (49)

    i don't understand wether the GPS actually correctly presented itself to the controller, i see no trace of a message with S_GPS (38) ... i'm tempted to believe that since MY_REGISTRATION_FEATURE is enabled, the sensor correctly presented itself to domoticz , otherwise it would not be allowed to send data as it does ...

    in this message:
    Error: MySensors: Unknown/Invalid sensor type (49)
    49 is the id of V_position, so it appears as if the controller is receiving the sensors data before having received the presentation message ...

    could someone help please, i'm just using the sketch as given in your build page... is it actually true that domoticz is compatible with the GPS sensor as the table seems to imply ?

    thank you in advance

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    It sounds like the GPS type sensor is not supported by domoticz. But looking at the support matrice on, it's stated that GPS should be supported.. Which version are you using?

    Also have you tried to ask the same question in domoticz own forum ( they have a mysensors related subforum here

  • i have version 2.0.0 for mysensors libraries and version 3.5837 (October 30th 2016) for DomoticZ. do you think it's an issue that is fixed in mysensors 2.1.1 ... ? i just found this topic on the subforum you gave me : but i will need to struggle a bit to understand what it means: apparantly V_position is not supported in domoticz ...
    thank you

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    This appears to be a domoticz problem.. So it will not be solved by using a newer mysensors library.

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