Repeater nodes identified by Vera

  • So prior to my most recent nodes that I created, I have had a couple nodes that I set up as repeaters. One of them is my garage door node which I needed as a gateway to have my driveway light node connect properly. Here is how it shows up in Vera:

    Another one I have set up as a repeater is the switch I have on my TV wall.

    The thing that I am confused on is the most recent nodes that I set up show up differently on the Vera. They actually show as Arduino Repeaters.

    I am just curious why these show up that way and the others don't.

  • I have two Vera lite with two GW with same software version.
    One Vera have repeater node and Parent nodes
    Second Vera did't display repeater and parent nodes (
    But all working fine
    Code same.

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    I have also noticed differences in the look and feel for MySensors devices on Vera. Here is the MySensors plugin device along with the Settings page from my VeraPlus and VeraLite:


    On the left is what it looks like on my VeraPlus and on the right is on my VeraLite test device. Same plugin versions and "same" firmware versions. The only difference is on which firmware version the plugins were installed. Have you @dbemowsk changed Vera firmware in between the creation of these devices that look differently?

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