Nice cases/housings for projects

  • Hi all,

    since my current projects are still dangling in the open: what kind of (nice) case/housings can you recommend? The standard electro-installation grey box might be convenient but also very ugly.

    Inspired by this kickstarter, I am thinking of creating a wall mounted controller from wood and maybe even duplicate the remote from the kickstarter. However, I have zero woodworking experience, besides using an axe and a saw...Any resources on this are appreciated, dremel-clone is available :+1:

    tl;dr: Looking for nice boxes or similar, DIY or off-the-shelf to put my projects in!


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    @pansen If you like wood. You can start with ready made boxes. I used some dismantled Ikea DRAGON boxes (bamboo)
    0_1487189763563_upload-a2a6f386-564d-4513-8016-95ac11bc7d6e to house my projects..


    The picture frames can also be morphed into something usable ;-)

  • Thanks, IKEA is indeed a good inspiration source!

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