Do sleep() or smartsleep() also send sleep/power-down command to NRF24L01+ ?

  • I'm using the latest MySensors library with NRF24L01+. The RF module is powered directly from two AA batteries via DC-DC booster. In fact, the arduino, wireless, and sensor are all connected directly to the booster.

    I understand that using sleep() and smartsleep() will make the arduino board to go into low-power mode, but what about the NRF24L01+ module? Do I have to send another wireless-module-specific sleep command to put the radio also to sleep?

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    @gogopotato The radio will sleep automatically..

  • Nice. Thanks for the info. Just out of curiosity, is the radio sleep done by the mysensors library as part of the sleep()/smartsleep() or is it the radio HW's feature?

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    @gogopotato it is done by the MySensors library

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