[SOLVED] Update Firmware - Not working, it seems?

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    I've added my node into MyController, it is running MYSBootloader with a example light sensor sketch on. Powered up and MyController has found it perfectly. So i assign it a firmware (after adding a firmware into the controller along with type and version) and then selected the node, then issued a firmware update command. However, it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

    The MyController resource logs are showing a single line with a "[Firmware config response] 01000100F00367F1" label. But after that the node keeps sending back the light level. I'm attempting to upload a relay sketch, so i know if the firmware has been sent or not.

    I have uploaded the "RelayActuator.ino.hex" file, not the "RelayActuator.ino.with_bootloader.hex", which one was i supposed to upload for firmware to MyController?

    I have changed a log line in the logback.xml file:

    <logger level="DEBUG" name="org.mycontroller.standalone.mysensors"/>

    with the hope that it would show me more info on the MyController GUI, but nothing.

    Am I doing something blatantly obvious that I can't see myself?

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    It successfully updates the firmware if i initiate a manual reboot. So, it would seem for some reason it is unable to send a reboot command to the node. It can communicate to the node because the firmware has been sent to it after a manual reboot, so i don't think the issue is the gateway not passing on a message to the node.

  • Run command "Reboot" from MyController instead of "Upload firmware". Node will reboot and pick-up new firmware. I'm using MyController just for OTA updates (with MQTT gateway). Working like a charm!
    For monitoring MQTT messages I recommend mqtt-spy. Just subscribe for particular node and you will see update progress - gateway and node exchanging messages during OTA.

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    @kluszczyn - I was doing that last night and it wasn't working. However, it has started to work this morning. I have no idea why it wasn't doing it last night (Probably user error, admittedly). I have the issue sorted this morning. Will update the title of this thread now. MODs are welcome to remove the post if needed.

    I personally use MQTT.fx to monitor my MQTT channels, just in case you ever needed to change for some reason or would like to check out the if it has any features you require.

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