Homemade anemometer with reed switch

  • Hello all,

    Recently I've been working on a weather station that should do the following:
    • Measure temp/hum( I currently have a DHT11 but I may order a 22)
    • Detect rainfall or possibly measure rainfall with a Funduino water sensor(it measures up to 2cm of water)
    • Measure wind speed with my homemade anemometer.

    This post is about interfacing my anemometer with MySensors. I intend to connect all of the sensors to a ESP12(ESP8266). I should also point out that this will be my first time using MySensors. Previously I have used ESPEasy and the Arduino IDE to build projects that integrate with Domoticz. If I can figure out how to get my anemometer to send data to domoticz I should likely be able to apply that to detecting rainfall.

    On to my anemometer. Currently I am employing a reed switch salvaged from an old bike speedometer and a magnet. I'm sure that the reed switch will eventually fail and will not provide the best resolution. I've ordered some Hall sensors but I will not have them for a couple weeks. For the anemometer I used two cylinders from an old vcr. One cylinder has a rod connected to it and the other has two bearings where the rod is inserted. The cylinder with the rod has three dollar store measuring spoons super glued and epoxied into three slots cut at 120 degrees. A spray paint can cover with three slots covers that cylinder. Two holes have been drilled in the top of the spray paint cover to access the screws that attaches the rod to the cylinder with the spoons. Atop the cover is a Gatorade bottle cap that has been attached with two bolts that are fastened to nuts glued to the top of the pray paint cap. On the bottom of the cap a circular mint container is attached by screws to two small squares of azac glued to the spoon cylinder. The magnet is attached to the mint container while the reed switch is attached to the lower cylinder with the bearings. I will try to link to a picture.

    Now that I've given a detailed description of my creation I'm trying to understand how I might interface it with MySensors and ultimately Domoticz. If I can't directly interface with MySensors would it be possible to place an Arduino between the reed switch and the ESP to feed it data that it understands?


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