MYSBootloader - different pin for CE (nrf24)

  • Hi all,
    I'm planning to use MYSBootloader with a network of nrf24 modules. I have just ordered an USBasp, but I have a doubt..

    I was changing my sketches to free a PWM pin and I choose to assign MY_RF24_CE_PIN to pin 14 (instead of pin 9).
    I think that this could cause some problem with MYSBootloader configuration.
    Isn't it?

    What are the requirements to install MYSBootloader?


  • Hi,
    I haven't found any specific documentation but looking in the MYSBootloader's code I found this two checks in HW.h (

    #if defined(SPI_PINS_CE9_CSN10)
    #elif defined(SPI_PINS_CSN7_CE8)

    does it mean that those PINs (9+10 or 7+8) are the only options to have MYSBootloader on Arduino boards? (obviously without modifying the code and recompiling..)


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