Preferred MySensors Gateway choice for OpenHAB right now?

  • Hi, I have had good luck with MySensors with Domoticz on rPi 3 and have decided to try cranking it up to 11 and try OpenHAB 😉 . I've only used a gpio-wired RPi gateway so far.

    I've set up an Intel NUC computer running Ubuntu Server that I've installed OpenHAB 2.1 on. I realize a lot of work of late on OH 2 and here on MS gateway stuff. So I'm wondering the best choice for a MS gateway build?

    I'm looking for path of least resistance and an entirely separate build from what I have, so no RPi. A small issue is that I have zero consumer devices, only MySensors and ESP Easy sensors so far, and an unconfigured OpenHAB isn't exactly easy to learn by looking under the hood - there's not much working to emulate.

    SO I'm guessing maybe a Serial gateway plugged directly into my controller/computer? I'd prefer to continue to use MQTT over whatever the hardware is, not sure if that's ready to go on the MySensors side? Really just want quickest way for SOMETHING to be running in order to learn OpenHAB. Oh, and if anyone knows if I'd be advised to hold of for the next greatest release of something, it would be nice to know.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Tim

  • I have been playing around for a while with MySensors and OpenHAB, first 1.8, which I now have running on an RPi. Now I am planning to upgrade to OH 2 but have not decided on the HW yet.

    Since I originally wanted to collect sensor data from two sites, one of which is very far away, I decided on using MQTT as transport protocol. There is a public MQTT broker service available on For small data volumes you can sign up free of charge. I am using the MySensors MQTT GW at home, based on an ESP8266 which collects data from the sensors on one of the sites and publishes to

    The OH installation has a binding to MQTT and subscribes to the various topics published by the sensors.

    At the other site I am using an old Arduino Uno as MQTT GW. I am struggling a bit with recovery of the remote site after power outages. It is difficult to press reset buttons from 400 km away.

    Figuring out MQTT topics and messages coming from MySensors was a bit of an uphill battle but wit the help of the tool MQTT.fx I eventually got that sorted also. The CloudMQTT service also takes a bit of study to get to understand with the different passwords, ports and access control mechanisms but I got there at the end.

  • Mod

    I'd say to keep your current Domoticz install and maybe migrate it to mqtt and once you have everything running on mqtt you can bind openhab to mqtt and start playing with it without messing too much around. Once you are satisfied with your new setup, just switch off Domoticz

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