MyMessage with bool value from relay state to controller (fhem)?

  • I have a 4 channel relay in my node (version 2.11).
    It can be controlled by FHEM. Working fine so far 🙂

    Additionally I have a RCSwitch ( receiver connected to the same node to switch the same 4 channel relay via a remote control (one of those cheep 433Mhz remote controls / seems to be stupid, but is necessary as backup)

    When I receive the messages from the remote control via RCSwitch I want to send a MyMessage to the controller and front-end to visualize the status.


    The UI doesn't seem to receive these messages, instead the log shows
    MYSENSORS_DEVICE MYSENSOR_1: ignoring C_SET-message no reading-mapping for childId 1, type tripped

    I define the message like: MyMessage msgRelay(CHILD_ID_RELAY1, V_TRIPPED);

    Any idea? Thanks in advance

  • Mod

    are you sure v_tripped is the right type?

  • @gohan I don't know. I also tried V_STATUS, doesn't work either ...

    edit: V_STATUS works, was a wrong configuration in FHEM

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