Question regarding I_PING and I_PONG

  • Hello everyone.

    I am doing some debug tools for mysensors where I am trying to get some statistics about sensors network.
    I am doing all this using serial API

    At first I was sending I_HEARTBEAR_REQUEST to nodes, and receiving I_HEARTBEAT_RESPONSE. That worked nice.

    Now I want to use I_PING and I_PONG. Maybe I misunderstood the beahavior of this messages, but if I send for example, a ping to node 1, (1:0:3:0:24:1), should'nt I receive 1;255;3;0;25;2?

    Should'nt the payload be increased by 1 unit?
    By now, i don't get any response from nodes.

    Thanks, regards

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