Flame/Fire Detection with MySensors

  • Hey everyone,

    Does anyone have a good working example of a simple binary flame detection sketch? Something that works "out of the box" with MySenors and a typical 4-pin flame detection sensor?

    I want to setup a sensor in my kitchen with an MQ-2 smoke/gas sensor to check for possible fires. Ideally, I just need two states "Flame" and "No Flame".

    I'm using Homeseer as my controller. Any ideas or help anyone could give would be great. I found another thread with someone using a flame sensor, but I couldn't get the code to work properly.

    Thanks in advance.

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    @iamtheghost Have you had a look at the motion sensor sketch. It would work without much modification i would think.

  • @Boots33 I haven't used it yet, but that makes sense if it just activates as "motion/no motion". The flame detector sensor for most arduinos is just looking for a specific wave-length of light, right?

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    @iamtheghost I have not used one but yes that is my understanding of how they work. You would need to experiment with it to find it's effective range etc.

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