Exploit the mysensors network

  • Hello!!
    I'm slowly beginning to learn mysensors .....
    For now I am just an amateur.

    I would like to know if I can somehow, once a node (such as a temperature node) has been created, this in addition to communicating with the gateway, I can somehow take advantage of the radio module to send communications to another arduin. Using this radio module or adding another .......
    It's possible???

  • Mod

    Nodes can send data to other nodes using the mysensors network, if it is what you are looking for

  • No, I do not want to communicate with other mysensors nodes, but I also support another receiver with NRF24L01, and send data from nodes !!

    For example, I want to make my gateway load the temperature data on a web page, and this data is taken from a node my sensors

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    @sindrome73 Not sure I understand what you are looking for but most controllers have a web interface that shows data from sensors.

  • I got it!! So if I use domoticz as a controller, I should retrieve data from domoticz ...... Okay ???

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    Yes, that's what I use it. Just connect gateway to domoticz and you have all data from the sensors

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