Problem with Rpi mqtt gateway

  • Hello ! I am new in MySensors project and i follow this guide

    But i get this error message when launch mysgw

    mysgw: Starting gateway...
    mysgw: Protocol version - 2.2.0-beta
    mysgw: MCO:BGN:INIT GW,CP=RNNG----,VER=2.2.0-beta
    mysgw: TSF:LRT:OK
    mysgw: TSM:INIT
    mysgw: TSF:WUR:MS=0
    mysgw: !TSM:INIT:TSP FAIL
    mysgw: TSM:FAIL:CNT=1
    mysgw: TSM:FAIL:DIS
    mysgw: TSF:TDI:TSL

    I double check the wiring, SPI is activated, my NRF24L01 module works on an Arduino and mosquitto works fine on my Rpi.

    Did i miss something ?

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    @tchoblond59 the gateway software is unable to communicate with the nrf. Are you using a PA+LNA version? If so, you'll need a separate power source. If you can upload a picture of your wiring that might help us help you.

  • I try both PA+NLA and the other. I know about the power issue and i also add a little capacitor betwenn VCC and GND.

    That's hard to take a photo of this but...

    Thanks for the help0_1497952514893_20170620_115410[1].jpg

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    Where do the red, grey, black and black cables from pin 2, 3, 4 and 7 on the Pi go?

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    I strongly suggest try with a voltage regulator and a capacitor

  • They go on the official rpi screen 7"

    I try to power the nrf24 from an arduino. Is it enough or should i try with dedicated power supply ?

    My capacitor is 100uF is it enough ?

  • Wow you were right... I connect it on another Raspberry without screen and it seems to work.

    Now i'am gonna try to build my first arduino node to make some test and debug with mqtt.

    (The project behind this is to build a home made controller based on Laravel (php framework) to control my house)

    Thanks guys !

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    I am using the adapters for NRF24 that are on gearbest and so far I'am happy: they have voltage regulator, capacitor and a 2x4 pin socket for quickly replace the radio module.

  • Ok. I'am just using it like this for testing. When i will be ready i'am gonna make or buy an all in one hat for my rpi. But i'am gonna look at your nrf24 socket

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    I like those because I can test different modules very quickly

  • Can you post the link ?

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @mfalkvidd said in Problem with Rpi mqtt gateway:


    why is that ? How much current the PA+LNA version consumes ? a have PA+LNA module connected directly to the 3.3V pi power pin and it works without problems. And actually during nrf initialization the amplifiers are disabled so the power consumptyion is much lower, this can;t be the cause of the initialization problem.

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    not all rpi are built equal and not all nrf24 modules are the same :)

  • I suppose You're right :P

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    Running electronics outside of the specification results in undefined behavior. That means that it sometimes works and sometimes not. And often it half-works.

  • yes, I understand that, I have a masters degree in electronics ;) but rpi has 1A capable buck converter on 3.3V rail so the question is how much current consumes the PA+LNA nrf module so it may not fit into the power budget ?

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