RPi3 GPIO MySensors Gateway + LEDs + LNA Radio + DLink enclosure

  • Project built based on an old D-Link router enclosure.

    It is a Raspberry Pi 3 running Home Assistant with a RPi GPIO Gateway.

    Dedicated power supply for the radio, wired through a 5v to 3.3v regulator from the 3A 5V power supply.
    Ethernet and 2 USB ports available for connections.

    No soldering.
    Easy to build with some Hot Glue... took me 3 hours.

    0_1498570220444_1 - Cópia.jpg

  • 2_1498570265715_1 - Cópia (7).jpg 1_1498570265715_1 - Cópia (6).jpg 0_1498570265714_1 - Cópia (5).jpg

  • 2_1498570291465_1 - Cópia (4).jpg 1_1498570291464_1 - Cópia (3).jpg 0_1498570291463_1 - Cópia (2).jpg

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