Lightning report - any idea ?

  • Hi ,

    I found this simple setup for lightning detection

    [](link url)

    is there some way to implement it with mysensors to see it for example in domoticz ?

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    There are some actual distance sensors for lightnings (you can find them on many sites) that returns a distance value that can be sent to controller. The linked setup can just detect if one has struck within 10-20km. I don't get if could be of any use.

  • @gohan

    Yes this is true but these requires of buying sensors for about 30€ for example AS3935 , I think that one , which I mentioned is cheap because it only needs 2x 10 kOhm and 3,3 mOhm resistors . Only problem which I had is bring that code works with mysensors.

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    You would have to treat it like a pir sensor

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    @warmaniac - this is an old thread but here is a example for lightning sensors: (with distance).

  • @sundberg84

    yes , but this solution needs buying of sensor which costs about 25-30 € , this what I write , take a look on it needs only resistors and wires (plus arduino and radio of course)

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    @warmaniac - I was thinking you could use the code for your home-made sensors.. types and so on. Just for inspiration.

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    the one you are trying to build it is a detector, not really a sensor :D

  • The project you linked to uses a feature of the atmega to speed up the a/d sample rate, leaving little processing for other work. It also sends a 512 byte payload, whih is nice for graphing, but Im guessing you'd like a count of lightning, strength, and distance. This one would give strength and count. If I were doing this, I'd use 2 arduinos, 1 as a detector, 1 to parse the data and act as the mysensors node. Look through the apu docs. There is probably a reasonable data type to send the processed data to domoticz or what ever you like.

    If I were really doing this, I would look for a more robust detector using discrete components. And connect it to an arduino/mysensors node.

    This one may work. (Maybe more complicated to build)

    An old am radio tuned to an unused frequency, could be connected to an arduino analog pin with some resistors and capacitors, and sampled at 9600 samples/sec or less and could be done with 1 arduino.

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