Vera and rpi3 setup that worked for me

  • After looking for days asking and questions in the forums i finally got my rpi3 and vera ui7 setup properly with working inclusion button.
    1.use the master branch

    1. Before you add your ./configure settings ( dont include--my-gateway=ethernet --my-controller-url-address=) or u will prob get ethernet connect error).
      use putty and do sudo nano /home/pi/MySensors/configure
      then scroll down to function detect_machine and change it to match the settings below. link below were i found the info.
      link text
    function detect_machine {
        case $hardware in
            if [[ $machine == "Raspberry"* ]]; then
                local rev=($(detect_rpi_revision))
                if [[ $rev == "a02082" || $rev == "a22082" ]]; then

    If the radio is wired properly after you run make and sudo ./bin/mysgw -d you should get a success message like in the tutoriallink text
    3 To get the start/include button to work after you upload the files to vera from link text
    using putty again sudo nano /home/pi/MySensors/examples_linux/mysgw.cpp and add
    #define MY_INCLUSION_MODE_FEATURE after that reboot and it should work. forgot where i found the info.

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