12V relay board. Powering question

  • Wanted to build myself another relay node. But when finished - the relay didn't work... Looking at the board discovered that relay is an SRD-12VDC so 12V are required as switching voltage.
    Mysensord node is powered from a 12V source through a 7805 voltage regulator so i have 12V available for the relay so was happy for a short period of time as usually you can remove the jumper and power the relay board. But this time a hit a wall as the connectors are totally different and information from the internet is scarse.

    So here is the relay board

    alt text

    So i wonder how can i wire it considering i have a 12V supply? On the other side of relay won't be any high voltage (dry contacts) just need to make it work

  • @moskovskiy82 the picture looks like a 5v relay. Unless the ground on the power supply is the same as the common on the load side
    you'll want to remove the jumper.

  • Took the picture from the internet. I have the same but it's SRD-12VDC instead of SRD-05VDC.

    Well i do want to remove the jumper but wire it to arduio and use a 12V supply to power the coil.
    Will something like this work without frying everything?
    Jumper removed
    VCC - +12V supply
    GND - Arduino GND (powered from 12V supply via 7805)
    IN - Arduino digital pin

  • Assuming the "in" pin is ttl on your relay as well, then yes. You'll want a 5v arduino, or a level shifter. Some ttl will work with 3.3v logic, but it is outside my knowlege what the long term effect is.

  • Well took the plunge.

    VCC 12V
    GND - GND as shared on 7805 with arduino
    IN - Digital pin of arduino to control. Works for now...

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