Odd Readings From HTU21D

  • I have a slim AA node that holds an HTU21D temp/hum sensor (based on this example). This thing has been going strong for about 10 months. Then in the past few days it sends a reading of:
    temp = -47.5 F
    hum = 25%

    Nothing was changed on the node (was not moved/dropped/etc). I went and turned it off via the switch on the battery holder and turned it back on. It worked for a while and then gets stuck in the -47.6/25 data mode. I have checked the voltage on the batteries and there is still plenty left. But, out of due diligence I replaced the batteries with fresh ones. It worked for about 20 transmissions and then... -47.5/25 constantly.
    Quick visual inspection of the node shows no abnormalities. Is this a symptom of the HTU21D going "bad" or my arduino chip getting fried somehow?

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