What is openHAB2 binding

  • I know I may be asking stupid question but have Google openHAB2 binding and I get that veraion 1 can be used version 2.

    But what I like to know what is it and do you need it for your mysensors to work.

    I had thought that it is like an addon for my senses to work. Like v-var1 an so on to work

    I just new and working out all the things to know.

    If there an link how to get mysensors to work on openhub can some one give me the link

  • @tombstone ok so I have just went and download and setup up openhab2 and also download the binding lol its not hard at all...

    I go into paper UI and in things I add my gateway

    my gatway is offline have I missed someing I am up 2 this setup...

    Configuring things

    Assuming you have configured a bridge, the next step is to configure things. We use the place holder in the bridge configuration and fill it with content:


  • @tombstone i thin its some thing to do with "**If OH2 is not running with root privileges for example if you installed via apt please ensure that you are allowed to access the serial port. **" but can not see how to do this in openhub2??

  • all good COM4 and its working

  • I stuck on making the site map. So far I been doing it all on my local 8080. How do I make the site map???

  • Ok lol find an link just putting up for others http://docs.openhab.org/configuration/sitemaps.html

    So far openhab looks really easy and a good layout. Thanks to TimO and other thanks....

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