Door battery status

  • I started a few months ago with MySensor and openhab and have now configured a node with a door contact. I'm using a serial gateway connected to a RPi with openhab. The node is registered as Door in openhab and works with the door Open / Closed. The node is powered by battery so I want to report battery status but do not know how to get this to openhab. Have searched the forum but have not found anything.

    The Thing Door has in openhab 4 channels:
    Tripped Status, mysensors:door 709db93f:door_3_1:tripped, Contact
    Armed Status, mysensors:door 709db93f:door_3_1:armed, Switch
    Battery Level, mysensors:door 709db93f:door_3_1:battery, Number
    Last Update, mysensors:door 709db93f:door_3_1:lastupdate, DateTime

    All the channels have the same node id (3) and child id (1) so how shall I send the battey value from the sketch to the channel "Battery Level"?

  • @MagnusF said in Door battery status:

    h to the channel

    did You try sendBatteryLevel function ?

  • @rozpruwacz Thanks!

    That it could be that simple! 😳 Did not see the connection between sending the battery status in the sketch and the thing in openhab.

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