Presentation of a repeater / a node

  • Hi,

    I got two questions about repeaters, I can't find the answer anywhere, I try her :

    • must the repeater be presented to the jeedom plugin (must it be knows by the plugin) ?
    • if I have a far node which must communicate throught the repeater, can he be presented to the gateway throught the repeater or the presentation must be done directly NODE<-> gateway.

    A small schema :


  • Mod

    The repeater is transparent to the controller. The node should register on the repeater automatically but if it receives some signal from gateway it will try to use that. You can force to use the repeater by using the MY_PARENT_NODE_ID

  • Ok thanks ...

    Just another question, why do I need to force the repeater id as parent node, to force the node to communicate with the repeater ?

    What is the best practice, force the id ?


  • Hardware Contributor

    @Banenabos - if you have a situation where the GW is just within reach, if the node during some circumstances does not reach the GW it will after 6 (?) tries start to search for a new way. In this way it might be the node hops back and forth between the GW and Repeater->GW.

    I dont know whats the best practice is but when I had these situations i forced the ID to the repeater which was closest and most solid connection.

    Not very knowing in the code but above is based on observation and what works best for me.

    For example my rain/bucket sensor which is located in the garden can sometimes reach the GW directly but I lost connection to it back and forth. I added a repeater but for some reason it preferred the GW directly (less hops?) and lost connection over and over so I force it to use the repeater.

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