Need example for setup : RFLink + mySensors Project with NRF24L01

  • Hello MySensors community,

    I would like to know if someone have a setup with RFLink (connected to RaspberryPi3 and domoticz) and use a sensor based on Arduino Uno or Arduino Pro mini connected to NRF24L01.
    My goal is to create a reed (contact) sensor with arduino pro mini with NRF24L01.

    I've tried some manipulation but impossible to receive packets (status about sensors) on RFLink.

    If someone have already this setup and can share sketch uploaded on arduino + hardware setup it would be very great. 😉

    Thanks for your help.


  • With this setup, you don't have gateway feature in RFLink. You have to emulate Gateway with th host computer connected to RFLink (assigning NodeId, request presentation, manage acknoledge ...) I think it will be better and simplier to made a gateway.

  • thanks Fabien,

    I do not understand your answer.

    My RFLink it is an official RFLink Gateway (based on Arduino MEGA), RFLink normally support 2.4Ghz signal (on receive), I've checked on RFLink setup that mysensors support is activated (mySensors=on)

    So normally with RFLink I'm able to received packets from MySensor sensor (arduino pro mini + NRF24L01).

    I'm not expert, only beginner on RFLink/Mysensors environnement so may be I've missing something.

  • Contest Winner

    @knop Fabien tries to explain that the MySensors gateway is a major part of the MySensors-network it not just transmit the messages it actively contributes in, for example assigning node-id's and routing messages.

    While the RFLink gateway only receives MySensors messages,

  • @BartE

    Ok thanks, but concretely what I must do to succeed to receive msg send from arduino nano pro/NRF24L01 to my RFLink ?

    Sorry I'm newbie in MySensors environement

    Thanks for your help


  • RFLink through usb, and a pi mysensors (usb) gateway to domoticz, which domoticz acts as an "higher" intermediate/bidge/controller. Yes.

    RFLink: nodoshop or mini rflink And the usb arduino nano gateway of mysensors build from the frontpage... or just the nrf24l01 chip wired to the pi...

    My MySensors are arduino code is the same as in their examples with some customisation , there is no RFLink code there. Domoticz does the translation.

  • @TriXwooD RFLink MySensors support is limited, receive mysensors messages only if I am correct.

    You can ask Stuntteam from RFLink active on domoticz forum for example:

    (seeing double replies, soory, time is wrong on this machine and that screwing up temp files, caches and ceritificates 🙂

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