sending string containing special chars (ä,ö,ü)

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    I'm building a Display where I want to show some information. As I live in germany, some of the strings I want to display contain the special characters ä, ö or ü (and maybe ß) Is there a way of sending them without bigger problems? In normal transmission I receive M⸮ller when sending Müller

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    I think it should depends on the display controller if it has those characters or not.

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    @Anduril MySensors supports regular strings of ASCII characters. These characters are IIRR in the high area of ASCII which might not be supported by a regular text display.
    Another problem could be that you're supplying the text as Unicode wide characters (2 bytes per character, eg. when typing in Ms Word) which is not supported by MySensors.

  • For this special application I use MyController. In the controller the string is displayed correctly, but in the serial monitor of the node I only see this distorted version (But sending them by sketch works, so it's not a problem of the serial monitor in general).
    I will ask at the MyController forum, maybe the dev can help.

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