How to limit radio system to auto nodes id up 100?

  • I found this:
    #define AUTO 255 //!< ID 255 is reserved for auto initialization of nodeId.
    #define BROADCAST_ADDRESS ((uint8_t)255) //!< broadcasts are addressed to ID 255
    #define DISTANCE_INVALID ((uint8_t)255) //!< invalid distance when searching for parent
    #define MAX_HOPS ((uint8_t)254) //!< maximal mumber of hops for ping/pong
    #define INVALID_HOPS ((uint8_t)255) //!< invalid hops
    #define MAX_SUBSEQ_MSGS 5 //!< Maximum number of subsequentially processed messages in FIFO (to prevent transport deadlock if HW issue)
    #define CHKUPL_INTERVAL ((uint32_t)10000) //!< Minimum time interval to re-check uplink

    in MyTrasport.h

    I need to limit my radio system to nodes auto id up to 100.
    which var should I change in order to set this?

  • Mod

    @leeoz when using auto, IDs are handed out by the controller, so the limit has to be set in the controller.

    Which controller are you using?

    Would it be an alternative to manually assign static node IDs?

  • Mod

    I now see that several threads has been created on this topic. Highly confusing. I'm locking this thread to prevent further derailing. Please follow the discussion in

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