Presentation (S_*) and set, req (V_*) limitations

  • This sounds silly but it really annoys me.

    I switched from OpenHAB2 (using MQTT binding) to Home Assistant (using mysensors component) to read my Energy Meter (SDM220) which has a total of 14 variables that are read via Modbus RS-485 according to the manual.

    i do present both S_POWER and S_MULTIMETER, but i do not present the rest (frequency, phase angle, total Kvarh, etc) because there is not proper sensor type (V_*) to represent them.

    i've allocated the number 57-63 to send the rest of the data, but home assistant component is complaining that they're undefined in the dictionary.

    V_VAR1 - V_VAR5 are not enough for me, and i really don't want to break them to multiple child nodes, has anyone considered adding S_ENERGYMON (that would include all values -existing and non-existing- under it) ?

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    I figured that sometimes you could just use some other variable types even if they are not specific for that value, it's a matter of trying 😁

    Btw, did you successfully connected to the meter using rs485?

  • yea i ended up using V_VAR1 - V_VAR5, V_CUSTOM, V_TEXT and presenting both S_INFO and S_CUSTOM.

    i am currently reading it through Wemos D1 Mini + MAX RS485 converter (working without logic converter just fine).

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