Is OpenThread a good fit?

  • Has anybody considered as an alternative protocol? It's designed for low power and a mesh topology. It isn't arduino compatible is a downside. However, the ecosystem isn't very mature and has a higher barrier to entry hence a project like can add a lot of value.

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    @janaka_a it seems like a nice protocol but ... not arduino compatible, not compatible with the hardware used in MySensors, it doesn't look like something that could integrate with MySensors ?

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    @janaka_a - First time poster linking to another site/project? One could think its only for advertising... using this method always sets me to a negative attitude about the project even before i started reading.

    Maybe you should look at the forum guidelines as well?

  • Hey @sundberg84, apologies if the question is inappropriate here. I'm definitely not trying to advertise. It's a genuine question. My interests in IoT is purely a hobby I have no affiliation with Thread/Nest/Google. I've followed the Thread protocol from when it got announced as I was researching a stack that would allow me to build connected devices for home automation that communicates wirelessly over IP/TCP on a local areas network, supported peer-to-peer, and low power consumption. For some reason back then I hadn't understood that MySensors ticked most/all of those boxes although from what I understand Thread hardware consumes less power and uses TCP/IP.

    The downside to Thread is that the ecosystem is immature hence a high barrier to entry and I think the hardware is currently more expensive.

    It seemed like MySensors objectives were to build a platform and ecosystem to hack on top of hence thought there was alignment and a topic to discuss.

  • @Nca78 correct it's a hardware stack of it's own.

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    @janaka_a nice to hear and let's hope you find the answers. To many fake accounts today so it's hard to know true intentions.

  • @sundberg84 I understand (ordered myself a couple of Nrf24l01+ in the meantime).

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