Indigo 6, Applescript, & Temperatures: can't get values

  • I'm trying to write an applescript to send temperature values from MySensors temperature to RRDTool. I have successfully sent other variables to RRDTool and Indigo is correctly reading the temperature of the sensor, but I can't seem to get the applescript to read the temperature value of my sensor device.

    Specifically, it seems that when I use any variations of this:

    tell application "IndigoServer"
      return temperatures of device named "Temperature"
    end tell

    I get an empty list:


    I have tried setting the value as a list and getting the first value from the list as well, but no dice.

    Is there something different you have to ask the plugin to "return" in order to get the temperature value? I used this page:
    and started going down the list of possible device properties but couldn't get the temperature value to return.

  • Mod

    I know it is long ago but did you figure this out?

    Otherwise can you please restart your plugin with debugging on and send met the first part of the plugin start where all properties show up...

    BTW I released a new, more stable version of the plugin:

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