Setting up my Arduinos & Raspberry

  • I make a project in my engineering class and i just try to receive the first data from my light sensor node. Can i print the data on my gateway or do i have to connect my Raspberry pi 3 to it?
    When i start the sketch, all the LEDs on my gateway start to blink.

    Secondly i don't really know how to set up my OpenHab Rpi 3 as a controller to mysensors.

    And my last question is: What does these colums mean? I understand some lines but i don't know what to do with the information. Currently i have an arduino with an NRF24 module with the SerialGateway Sketch and another arduino with the light sensor Sketch.
    Thank you in advance 🙂

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    @Dumpfbumpf said in Setting up my Arduinos & Raspberry:

    Can i print the data on my gateway

    Please explain "print". As controller you can use mycontroller or domoticz as they are quite easy to setup and get started

  • Thank you for the quick respond in the first place 🙂
    And with "print" i mean something like the serial monitor from the arduino.

    Can i use mycontroller on my Rpi 3 with openhab at the same time ? I'm new to this stuff.

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    The data are printed on the serial port as you should have noticed with the mysensors protocol. You can run multiple controllers but I don't think you can use serial gateway, you need an ethernet gateway. You can wire the radio directly on the rpi and compile the ethernet gateway (just follow the guide). Given you are new I'd start from an easier controller than Openhab

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