Compatibility with RFM12B, RFM69

  • Hi,
    I've been a huge fan of Arduino from the beginning, but my main interest was low power for autonomous objects. So I choose Jeenode (RFM12B module) and then Motuino (RFM69 module).
    Making them work together was a pain but now things are quite operative.
    I've discovered meanwhile Veralite with a friend and I'm very enthousiastic. Hundreds of Lua lines later, I'd really enjoy to make them (my arduino network and my vera) talk together:
    my arduino network collects data but lacks a nice database management solution (Vera offers this) and my vera lacks (cheap/autonomous/numerous) sensors!

    So I made my search and came across your project (very nice, bravo!). So my question: are or will your sketches be compatible with other arduino stuff than the nano? If the answer is "will", I'd be glad to help! If no, could you just give me 2 or 3 hints to start with (variable to change, file to modify...)?
    Thanks in advance
    chris (france)

  • @ChrisC
    Until now I only used pro-mini's (very cheap, $2 per piece) and a Uno R3 for the gateway. The Uno R3 could have been an pro-mini as well. No need for the "expensive" Nano's as far as I'm concerned.

    My workaround for the pro-mini is to give it another bootloader so you can treat them as an Arduino Uno, see here for the good work of Mr. Nick Gammon. Look under "code" for the Arduino code at Github. Great advantage of using this bootloader is that you just select "Arduino Uno" as board in the arduino software.

    Another thing I changed was the serial speed (from 115200 to 38400 though), to be found in Mysensor.h.

    So yes, they're compatible with other arduino stuff.



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    I'm not sure if you have in mind re=using your hardware with new MySensors based firmware, or if you want to keep your existing RF network and just add a gateway between that and the Veralite/MySensors network. I'm guessing the former, from your questions about arduino compatibility.

    Board compatibility should be good. You may need to change some pin numbers in the MySensors libraries and/or example sketches to match your jeenode and moteino pinouts.

    A bigger question is the radio interface. Originally the MySensors library and sensors were designed for the nRF24L01+, but there is an ongoing sub-project to add RadioHead support, including support for the RFM69 - I'm not sure about the RFM12B but you can check.

    If your RF network is working well, and if you run into any large trouble porting the MySensors system to your hardware (radios), you could also consider creating some kind of bridge or gateway - perhaps MQTT based. An all-MySensors solution (described above) would have some advantages tho.