Merry X-mas and Happy New 2018

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    The MySensors core team would like to thank all the community members for the fantastic projects we've seen during the past year. It gives a cozy feeling inside to know that people actually uses our library and hardware to do something useful.

    Here's some highlights from the past year:

    The yearly community stats (last years stats in parenthesis):

    26 supported controllers. (26) - Are we running out of new controllers?
    6.8k registered forum users. (4.7k)
    72k unique visitors/month on (74k)
    1858 code commits. (1711)
    675 forks on github. (544). 726 stars!
    272 open source hardware projects added on (129)

    We'd like to give a special thanks to the forum moderators and code contributors.


  • Thanks for this cool project, wishing all a good 2018!

  • Thanks to the core team for a great platform and all the work that you have done, and Merry Christmas to all on the forum.

  • Merry Christmas!!!
    You're doing a really great job😄 and I hope to do some cool projects with MySensors!

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and as thank you I donated some money to you.

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