Lights automation with mysensors.. visual configuration of arduino nodes

  • Hi guys,

    speaking with my electrician i'm thinking that would be great to give some sort of tools for configure a mysensors network for lamps... example: in my house we are using mysensors nodes connected with rs485 for relay drives lamps , turned on/off by wall switches. Electrician is very enthusiast of this because it's an economic alternative to many domotic system of famous companies (i.e. legrand bticino) .. obviously mysensors framework is not for all, we have almost basic knowledges of programming.

    The idea (not sure if it's possible) is: a visual platform for configure nodes and upload sketches without knows programming.... like visuino but more simple and mysensors agnostic (primary for automate lamps so electrician can be use a bus, inputs and relays board).

    What are your opinions? Can be an absurde idea ... if not, it's doable ?

    Thanks for your replys.


  • Are you looking for something like this? Sketch Generator
    Looks like it still misses the RS485 option for network. Its already requested.

  • Hardware Contributor

    @Luca-Calcaterra I am all for making a solution like this because it would give access to MySensors to complete non-programmers.
    The sketch generator seems like the best approach to me, but it still needs compiling in Arduino and transferring to node, acceptable step for an electrician I suppose, but probably not for my grandpa 🙂

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