Does Gateway loop() required Wait or delay?

  • Hi,

    I have a functioning sensebender gateway with one sensor. The sensor is just counting and being used for my 1st system learning.

    My gateway does nothing else but be a gateway. In this configuration do I need a Wait(xx) or delay(xx) in the gateway loop()?

    Early on I thought I read a delay was needed else a lot of unneeded traffic was generated by the gateway, but now I can't find that statement and the examples have no delay in the loop() function.


  • Mod

    @johnrob using delay can cause the gateway to miss messages. Use wait.

    I've never seen anything about unnecessary traffic, and I can't imagine how that could happen. Do you have any more information?

  • Hi,

    No I don't, when I first started learning MySensors (not too long ago) I was reading a lot of the website information and posts and whatever. I had the impression an empty loop() routine could be an issue but I must have mixed up what I read on something else. And not really understanding the inner workings of the MySensors code I figured I would ask before I removed the wait(2000) I have.

    So do you recommend nothing or wait(2000) as I have now?



  • Mod

    @johnrob I'd remove wait. Less code makes the code easier to read.

  • For those who read this post:

    Since my original post I found the wait(time) command is a MySensors macro that essentially is a "wait millis()" function.

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