Repeater nodes - gw.sleep(ms)

  • I've looked over the source incl MySensor.cpp and can't tell if the radio IRQ pin (2) will actually wake the repeater nodes up to do work (and cause messages to be processed) when a sensor is using gw.sleep(60000) like many of the sketches do.

    The other question I had about repeater nodes - is the repeater selected at sensor boot time, dynamically, or only at initial registration from empty?

    PS - Awesome project. I now have a semi-smart custom humidifier actuator (I still need to adjust the controller to pump it outside temperature - which I still need to get a sensor working for), a BMP180 sensor, and a testbed sensor on a breadboard. Oh and the gateway (currently on a Uno).

  • Admin

    No, the IRQ pin is not currently used by the library (it's connected in the guides for future use). So you can't sleep your repeater nodes.

    Currently repeater-mode is selected when calling begin(). You could probably tweak library to allow runtime switching between modes.. But I not sure how to handle this run-time switching when it comes to the presentation message sent to controller holding mode type.

    May I ask what the use-case for this is?

  • Oh, I want a couple sensor nodes around the house to also be repeaters, but to only poll sensors send results periodically (to avoid overwhelming the RF network with chatter). There's no actual need to power down these wired repeaters, but I do want to have timed sleep.

    I've been setting repeater mode with begin(). I'm tempted to make a gw.sleepAndProcess(ms) like variant to make it easy to keep the base logic of the various sketches, but also be a repeater node.

    I'm not in a huge house, but I must have a lot of RF interference, as there are some rooms that are too far from the gateway. I do experience 2.4ghz interference even on my SONOS system, so I'm not surprised. Someone has some noisy gear nearby.

  • Is any type of IRQ interruption feature be added in the future? I think it would be a great idea for battery devices to be able to sleep them and only wake up when polling for a sensor value.