Turning off/dimming backlight on LCD without I2C interface

  • I have a 16x2 LCD without an I2C interface. I looked but can't seem to find an example of turning the backlight on and off or dim when using the LiquidCrystal.h library. Is there an example sketch and wiring diagram someone can point me to? Sorry for the basic question I just can't seem to find an example.

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    If I remember well there should be a backlight pin that powers the backlight, just use a digital pin to control that. I'd still advise to get the i2c interface meanwhile

  • @gohan I'm not an expert here so bear with me. On the LCD pin 15 goes to (+) and pin 16 goes to (-). Are you saying to connect (+) to a digital pin then set to HIGH or LOW to turn off and on?

  • @gohan I just tried that and answered my own question (it worked). Thanks for the pointer.

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