Non-encrypted repeater in a secure network?

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    I was wondering if it would be possible to still allow a few non-secure devices to talk to my controller in an otherwise secure network.

    I thought: perhaps it is possible to create one repeater that allows non-encrypted devices to connect, and then wraps their data in its own encryption?

    Or is this crazytalk?

    I want to avoid needing two paralel controllers.

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    @alowhum if you allow a non secure device to send instructions to your controller, what prevents it from then relaying commands to your "secure" devices using the controller as a relay? You need really tight configuration of your controller then. Or are you mixing controller with gateway? (in which case the same concern exist)

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    You're right, I'm mixing controller and gateway, sorry.

    I'll give an example:

    • I have a cheap dishwasher that I turned into a MySensors smart dishwasher 🙂 It's low risk: the node only has power when I turn the dishwasher into standby mode. The reed relay of the node then 'pushes the start button'. So now I can start the dishwasher with a time delay, which is very useful. Also opening it up is quite a hassle.
    • I have an outdoor temperature sensor. I wouldn't mind if my neighbours also listened to it.

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    Signing allow this. Encryption is for everyone.
    With signing and "weak security" on the GW, you can selectively have nodes that require it. GW will then only require signed messages from the nodes that themsleves require it.
    Everyone have to have encryption though, or you need to disable encryption.

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