transportPowerDown() with v2.2.0

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    With MySensors v2.2.0, I observe that transportPowerDown() no longer works. With version 2.1.1, current consumption would drop from 17.5 mA to 3.5 mA (pro-mini @ 8MHz powered by 2x AA batteries, nRF24L01 direct connected, and no sensors) when the function was called.

    Is there an equivalent / new command for v2.2.0 that will put the nRF radio in Standby or Power Down mode?

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  • sleep() puts the arduino (and radio) to sleep. I need a way to put the radio in a low current consumption state while the micro stays awake and acquires data from sensors and processes that info which can take a few seconds. Only then do I need to send the data after-which I can sleep.

    In my use case, without transportPowerDown(), I burn an extra 14 mA for 2 seconds every minute. This equates to just over 11 mA-hr per day or over 330 mA-hr per month of needless energy consumption!

  • Try transportDisable();

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    @d-smes fair enough. May I ask why do you need to process sensor data every minute?

  • @d-smes said in transportPowerDown() with v2.2.0:


    Thanks guys; that worked! And if anyone else is interested, the radio automatically re-enables when you send a message.

    @gohan - I monitor several temperatures, water levels, and flow rates associated with a duck pond and filtration system. Things can get out of whack fairly quickly due to pump inlet blockages, full filters, equipment failures, and weather induced surprises. Need quick updates so if there's a problem, I can intervene before a pump runs dry or I lose too much water.

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