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  • Is there a note about this topic
    so only usb and no rf or esp only usb on arduino with domoticz.
    my .*ino with dht11 is working
    but how can i connect this to domoticz.
    installing by mysensors in hardware gives a comport contact.
    but Then??

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    @d-dow present your sensor(s) in presentation() and send messages from loop(), just as you would do for a normal sensor node with radio.

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    I got a suggestion from @d-dow (outside of the forum) to add an example.

    I'm not sure what he means, since MySensors already has lots of examples. But if anyone has an idea of what he is asking for, I'm sure he'd appreciate an answer.

    Maybe the question in this thread is related.

  • @d-dow: Do I understand correctly that you already have an Arduino with DHT11 connected and working and you would like to connect it to a Domoticz controller so you can use the temperature and humidity values in Domoticz? And do I understand correctly that you are wondering if it is possible that instead of sending these temperature and humidity values to the controller over a radio connection (NRF24 or ESP) use the USB connection?

    That will not be possible I think using MySensors. What you could do (instead of MySensors) is to let these values be written to the serial output of the Arduino (Serial.print/Serial.println). Then create a Bash script on the Domoticz controller host (assuming it runs Linux) which periodically reads the serial port and parses these values to a Domoticz virtual sensor using the Domoticz API. I do the same for a DHT22 sensor connected to my Linux NAS, so you don't even necessarily have to connect that Arduino to the Domoticz controller.

  • @tsjoender thanks
    I will try your advice


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