project for some farming

  • Hey everyone! A buddy of mine is venturing in to a little farming on some unused land at his parents exotic fish farm... yes for real. lol.

    He wants to automate a bit of, mainly monitoring the moisture level and open a solenoid valve to water it. The base station will be at the edge of the property. I got some info today from him, said the furthest distance between sensor and base station is going to be maybe 60 yards. Im guessing mesh probably won't be needed in this scenario, so no repeaters.

    I think openhab would be WAY overkill for what he is wanting to do here with literally just a couple of actuators and a couple sensors. He does want to be able to see graphs over time of stuff. I like like the idea of using mysensors for this just so we don't have to reinvent the wheel.

    The gateway would be on a raspberry pi since that's where his software would most likely run too.

    Now that I have provided some info. Anyone have any suggestions on maybe a piece of software for this? any suggestions? clarifications?


  • I’d look into Node-Red. It’s perfect for a simple system like that but it will be able to handle pretty much anything else he decides to throw at it down the line.

  • @thucar thanks πŸ™‚ ill check it out πŸ™‚

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