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  • Hello everyone,

    I am doing a complete overhaul of my home automation with the use of jeedom. For the moment, I have a basic telemechanical system that manages a floor and the rest in manual.
    So Jeedom's discovery and all his possibilities. First, waouw, incredible all the capabilities of this software (the only limit is the imagination). Then, on the way to change.
    You have to know, at the base, informed user of windows and not programmer.

    So installing jeedom on ubuntu 18.4 with some disappointment but nothing serious (the open source community is so ... I have no word to say how cool and great you are). Yes, new in linux and in the end, I love (I think even spend all linux except a computer under W10 for the current use.) Then learning Jeedom and I discovered the plugin mysensors. So, I created the whole basic programming of jeedom (1 week non stop) then not have any case integrate the different modules (like node mysensor, blea, etc.) and of course the purchase of equipment (1 PI3 B + 1 PI3 B; 1 PI zero w, 2 PI zero, 1 orange PI zero, a dozen nodemcu esp8266, 6 NRF24L01, etc).

    Sorry, presentation a bit long.

    So here, I get a nodemcu and the arduino kit for test. Nickel. I discover that I can use the local nodemcu without jeedom and with him.
    First attempt to integrate the gateway (without nrf24l01 since not yet received), Jeedom seems to recognize but nothing more. So I add the code for 3 digital output. Re nickel, jeedom recognizes the gateway and in addition I have a node with the 3 digital outputs ... More case wait for the rest of the parts for a true integration and in the meantime, I forum and test of other possibility of plugins (of which jeeduino, easyesp, blea). very disappointed with easyesp. More or less drinkable for jeeduino. Blea, no problem.

    In any case, mysensors remains by far my favorite considering the almost unlimited capacity ... With more question on the setting up (from which the subject creates).

    Here's what puzzles me:

    From what I understand, the radio nrf24l01 uses the frequency of 2.4 ghz (so between 2400 and 2500 mhz depending on the channel used). Which is very good since with a wifi gateway (with a nodemcu esp8266) that uses the local wifi, the gateway creates an independent wifi network on another channel via the radio nrf24l01.

    • For the gateway and repeaters ... ok ... just a cabling issue:
      Do we have to use the GPIOs as indicated on the mysensors site (from D5 to D8) ???
      Because I noticed that on the nodemcu I bought, there are gpios mosi, miso, cs and csk on the other side

    • As for the sensors, I noticed that he put each time the radio nrf241l01 for a simple node.
      Is it necessary each time to put a radio nrf24 ???
      Since at the base, nodemcu esp8266 knows already communicated on the frequency of 2.4 ghz. So no need for nrf24 for a simple node (which saves 5 gpio for something else), unless it serves as a gateway of course

    Any other question will come later ... but for me these are the main question of the moment

    I hope I have not been too long


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    Thanks for your kind words @nicolas-philippart

    Yes, is seems your board is using different pins for spi, so you should probably use Gpio 6,7,8 and 11 and one pin for CE (I would suggest you use the default gpio4).

    You’re correct that a nodemcu can work as a sensor node without nrf24. Technically, it will be a gateway with locally attached sensors, that will be unable to forward traffic for other nodes. I have a few such nodes myself.

    Side note: the nrf24 radio communication is not wifi. It uses the same frequencies as wifi, but the protocol is different.

  • Hi @mfalkvidd

    Thank you for your feedback πŸ˜‰

    As I have just received part of the material, I have been searching the web for some days to have a lot of info to use mysensors.

    And by rereading the site + other characterist of the nrf24 + forum. I had a start of my answers.
    So thanks to you for confirming what I thought.

    Now I will be able to build my mysensors environment

    I am also waiting for the protocol nrf5x, he looks very promising πŸ™‚

    thank you very much


  • re πŸ˜‰

    Always in order to understand the mysensors system

    We can create a mysensors network in nrf24, rfm69, rfm95 and soon in nrf5x

    Is it possible to create a mysensors network on another communication protocol? like bluetooth, wifi, 5ghz or other?

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