Newbie motion and dimmer case

  • Hi All,

    Just knocked up a case for @sundberg84 's Newbie PCB with Dimmer module. Thanks to @sundberg84 for the great PCB's.

    This is the first version, and the clearances are rather generous which makes the case bigger than it needs to be. Further revisions will try and get this down to make the overall size smaller.

    As you can see in the photos, the print around the aperture is a little scabby, but I think that has more to do with my poor placement of supports rather than the model itself.

    The case is a press fit with snap clasps.

    Files over on thingiverse here:


    4_1538629899784_IMG_0865.JPG 3_1538629899784_IMG_0866.JPG 2_1538629899784_IMG_0867.JPG 1_1538629899784_IMG_0868.JPG 0_1538629899784_IMG_0869.JPG!

  • I like the case design, especially the way you have the sensor angled. I would think that you should be able to print that angle without supports.

    Some ideas on the case design. Rather than having the tabs at the top and bottom for anchoring it to the wall, why not put your anchor points inside the case. With the tabs at the top and bottom, it looks like they could easily be broken off if the sensor is bumped. It looks like your case is two halves that snap together, so anchoring inside the case should be easy. Have a look at my case design that I did some time back, you'll see what I did for that. I used that same case design for a couple different sensors that I have done and it works well This case design is the one linked on @sundberg84's openhardware page for the easy newbie board.

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