Newbie PCB (not only) housing in different sizes

  • This is what I recently created to enclose newbie PCB with two AA batteries.

  • @michał-kozak Just a couple suggestions for your design. You mention in your thingiverse description that you need to glue the front on. Why not design it so that the four screw posts actually attach to the front so that when you screw the back on it pulls the front and side wall parts together eliminating the need for glue. I realize then that you would need two covers for the different depth boxes, but that wouldn't be the end of the world. Another suggestion, design some mounting posts to screw the PCB on to as well as some tabs to hold the battery socket.

    Take a look at a design that I did for this board. This is for his older Rev 8 and Rev 9 boards, and may fit the newest Rev if the board and screw holes haven't changed Here is a look at the inside:
    As you can see, there are the 4 L shaped tabs for mounting the board on as well as a slot for the 2-AA battery pack. Here it is with the board and battery pack installed:

    Here is the thingiverse links to 2 box designs that I did that are similar. The second is just a remix of my first design seen in the pics above made for a different sensor.

  • @Michał-Kozak I like the way you created the housing. Could you please put here a close-up of it? Even from distance it looks like it's not 3D printed (so smooth and sleek). How did you achieve it? I don't want to put square boxes on the apartment walls. This look nice and stylish.

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